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Integrated Resource Plan (IRP)


About the IRP

Every three years, CenterPoint Energy is required to submit its Integrated Resource Plan to the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC). The IRP describes the analysis used to determine the best mix of generation and demand side resources to meet customers' needs for reliable, low cost, environmentally acceptable power over the next 20 years. The IRP can be thought of as a compass setting the direction for future generation and demand side options. Future analysis, filings, and subsequent approvals from the IURC are needed to finalize the detailed course.


2019-2020 IRP

2019-2020 IRP Non-Technical Summary
2019-2020 IRP - Volume 1 of 2
2019-2020 IRP - Volume 2 of 2


Public Advisory Meetings

Public Stakeholder Meeting #2 - October 10, 2019
Public Stakeholder Meeting #3 - December 13, 2019
Public Stakeholder Meeting #4 - June 15, 2020


Objectives of the stakeholder engagement process

As part of the development of the Integrated Resource Plan, there are three objectives for the stakeholder engagement process:


Understand concerns and objectives.


Increase stakeholder understanding of the Integrated Resource Plan process, key assumptions and the challenges we face.


Provide a forum for relevant, timely stakeholder feedback at key points in the Integrated Resource Plan process to inform CenterPoint Energy's decision making

Question about the IRP?

Have questions about our integrated resource plan? Email us at irp@centerpointenergy.com.

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