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Appliances & Options


Natural gas is flexible

About 90% of the natural gas produced is delivered to you as useful energy, which makes it remarkably efficient when compared to electric power. And once that energy enters your home or facility, it is used just as effectively in a variety of ways. Whether you are taking a shower, doing laundry or grilling outdoors, natural gas simply performs better.

Home heating

Home heating

Gas furnaces

Produce heat that feels warmer than electric models at a much more affordable price. Natural gas furnaces are typically more efficient and last longer than electric models. Earn CenterPoint Energy rebates on high-efficiency models

Gas fireplaces

Provide instant on and off controls to warm up the room faster than wood-burning fireplaces. Completely mess-free and do not require hauling or storing wood.

Gas space & garage heaters

Produce efficient gas heat for smaller spaces, such as garages or pool houses. Can be wall-mounted and can operate during a power outage given they do not require electricity to operate.

Water heating

Water heating

Gas tankless water heaters

Eliminate the need for a storage tank and deliver a constant supply of water. Are often called 'on-demand' water heaters. Very energy efficient. Although they cost more to purchase and install than storage models, tankless water heaters generate enough energy savings to pay for themselves over a typical product lifespan.

Gas storage water heaters

Utilize a storage tank, typically between 20 and 80 gallons in capacity, to heat and store a supply of hot water. Up to 2-3 times more efficient than similar electric water heaters.



Gas cooktops

Fast-cooking, and reaches your cooking temperature much faster than electric cooktops. Easily installed against walls or into a free-standing island. A separate wall oven is typically located in another area of the kitchen.

Gas ovens

Available in wall or under-counter models for baking, roasting, broiling and grilling. Easy to access, without stooping over conventional range ovens. You can even order a double oven stacked top to bottom or side by side.

Gas free-standing ranges

Combine the cook top and oven into one affordable appliance. You can choose a stand-alone or built-in look without remodeling.

Outdoor living

Outdoor living

Gas grills

Provide convenience and flexibility when compared to charcoal and propane units through an endless supply of natural gas with no tanks to refill. Enjoy no warm-up time on your gas grill, which can take as little as 6 minutes to reach 600o F.

Gas pool & spa heaters

Provide comfort and warmth to your outdoor spa or pool year-round by heating twice as fast as electric models. Choose from gas-fire storage, instantaneous, circulating or immersion systems.

Gas outdoor lighting

Doesn't create harsh shadows like flood lighting and won't attract insects. Requires little maintenance and remains lit through electric power outages.

Gas firepits

Offer a convenient and simple alternative to building a campfire with no wood to store or replenish. Safe for use on wood decks with no burning embers, smoke or campfire smell.

Explore an 'interactive home' for features available to natural gas homeowners.

Earn rebates for even more savings

CenterPoint Energy offers generous rebates on qualifying high-efficiency natural gas equipment including furnaces, boilers and more!

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