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Thermostat Rebates


About these rebates

Rebates - thermostat

Heating and cooling costs make up the majority of your energy bill, and your thermostat is the gateway to considerable savings. Earn rebates toward a traditional programmable thermostat or upgrade to a Wi-Fi enabled or "smart" thermostat and conserve even more. Please review all program requirements (PDF) before purchasing equipment or applying for rebates.


The online rebate application below is for equipment purchased and installed after Jan. 1, 2023. If your equipment was purchased and installed in 2022, please download the 2022 application (PDF).

Rather submit a printable application? Download the 2023 rebate application (PDF).


$50 CenterPoint Energy Rebate +
$50 AES Rebate = $100 in savings

For your convenience shop our instant rebates on energy-efficient thermostats you can control from your phone, only at AES Ohio's Marketplace.

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Available rebates

The rebates below apply to equipment purchased and installed between Jan. 1, 2023 and Dec. 31, 2023.

Available Rebates
Specification Rebate
"Smart" Wi-Fi enabled thermostat View eligible products $50
"Basic" Wi-Fi enabled thermostat $30
  • Homes using CenterPoint Energy natural gas as the primary heat source are eligible for this rebate. Dual fuel systems are not eligible.
  • Rebate available for existing homes only; new construction is not eligible.
  • "Smart" Wi-Fi enabled thermostat: Must have either presence sensing or geo-fencing capabilities and be ENERGY STAR® listed; Limit of two Wi-Fi enabled thermostats (includes "Basic" and "Smart") per home.
  • "Basic" Wi-Fi enabled thermostat: Must have Wi-Fi capability for programming and adjusting remotely. Limit of two Wi-Fi enabled thermostats (includes "Basic" and "Smart") per home.


What are the different types of thermostats?


  • Advanced programming/scheduling
  • May be set remotely via a smart device
  • Generally more expensive than other types
  • Substantial CenterPoint Energy rebate available


  • Programming and scheduling
  • Cannot be set remotely
  • Generally affordable
  • No CenterPoint Energy rebate available


  • No programming or scheduling capabilities
  • Cannot be set remotely
  • Most affordable type
  • No CenterPoint Energy rebate available


Qualifying for rebates

Before purchasing equipment, be sure to read the complete eligibility guidelines to ensure your new equipment and your home qualify for rebates.

Common questions

In summer and warmer months, try to set your thermostat no lower than 78° F. In colder winter weather, set it no higher than 68° F to prevent your furnace from working overtime. When you don't need to use your AC or furnace (when you are out of the house, for example), set your thermostat to a temperature that will prevent your heating/cooling equipment from operating.

With a smart thermostat and its companion app, you can change or view thermostat settings from anywhere you have an Internet connection (at home or on the go). For example: if you leave for vacation and realize you forgot to adjust your home thermostat, a smart thermostat would allow you to adjust it from the airport or even the beach!

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