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Relocate or Resize Service


Move or resize your service or meter

When adding on to an existing property or installing additional appliances, you may need your service line or meter relocated or resized to accommodate your new energy demand. Read all information on this page, then complete and submit the appropriate application.

Visit online application

Download a printable application instead: Indiana Ohio

Important information



You will need the services of an electrician and/or plumber to prepare your property before we can perform the relocation or resizing. These expenses are in addition to the cost to relocate/resize service and are the customer's responsibility. It is important that you meet with your contractor before, during and after completing the application to ensure your project is in-line with CenterPoint Energy's requirements and local/state regulations.


Meter location

Properly marking the location of your new meter is important to ensuring a smooth installation. Use our meter location guide for assistance when relocating your meter.


"Site-ready" date

The date that your site is ready determines when we can begin the actual relocation or resizing work. The site is ready when the following criteria have been met:

  • Within 6" of final grade
  • Clear path for service (approximately 10' wide)
  • Meter location(s) meets code and is marked View meter location guide
  • All private facilities are located and marked. (You, as the property owner, are responsible for locating and marking all existing utility and septic facilities using your state's 811 service.)
  • Inspection requirements have been met. see cities & counties with required inspections

Once the site is ready, allow 3 business days for locates and 10 business days for construction to be complete. Allow 3 business days for the meter(s) to be installed. If your Site Ready Date changes, please contact us at newservice@CenterPointEnergy.com or 800-990-1930.

About 'formal design'

We will strive to have your new service installed within 20 business days of your initial request for service. If formal design is required, the lead time for installing gas and electric facilities may be longer. Formal design is required if one or more of the following conditions are met:

Natural gas

  • Total connected load over 550 CFH (cubic feet per hour) at standard delivery
  • pressure (1 CFH = 1,000 BTUs); Total connected load over 930 CFH at 2 psig delivery pressure
  • Multi metered exceeds 550 CFH
  • Natural gas main extension required
  • Easement/permits required
  • Any service off a high pressure line (farm taps)
  • Exceeds length of service specification (over 600 feet in Indiana or over 300 feet in Ohio)


  • Greater than 400 amps
  • 3 Phase
  • If it requires more than one pole to be set
  • Easement/permits required
  • Length of service over 200 feet

Check the status of your construction service request

Want to check the status of your new gas or electric construction service request? Complete the status request form online including your work order number and we will provide you with an update as soon as possible. Please note this is for construction services only.

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