The Vectren mobile app is now retired. With the mobile design of the current website, viewing and managing your account, reporting electric outages, and contacting us from your mobile device is simple! You can easily pin this website to your smartphone's home screen on either Android or Apple devices for easy access.

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Start or Add Service


New service options

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Start/turn-on CenterPoint Energy service

Start/turn-on CenterPoint Energy service in your name at a location with a
CenterPoint Energy meter already in-place.



Add new CenterPoint Energy meters

Request a new CenterPoint Energy meter(s) if you are building,
renovating, converting an existing location to
natural gas
or otherwise have new service needs.
Relocating or resizing your existing service?



What will I need to start service online?

Personal information

You will need your Social Security Number, date of birth and legal name. You will also provide some basic contact information, including a valid email address.

Location details

We will need the complete address of the location where you wish to turn on service, along with date you wish to start service.

Access instructions

You will provide information about how our technician can turn on your service on/around your requested start date.

Customer Generation

Interested in adding solar panels or another form of customer generation?

Through a program called Excess Distributed Generation ("EDG"), residential, small business and industrial customers can generate their own electricity, up to 1 megawatt, to supplement the supply they get from CenterPoint Energy.

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