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Storm Safety

Safety checklist


Use your mobile phone

Have at least one smartphone or traditional analog phone—which typically require no electricity to operate— in your home. Cordless land line phones and those with built-in answering machines will not operate during a power outage.

Move to a safe location

If you anticipate an extended outage, consider moving yourself and your family, especially those with special needs, to an alternate location. The American Red Cross will often set up a shelter to assist those in need. Its disaster hotline is 812-471-7200.

Don't go near downed power lines

Consider all downed power lines and anything touching them energized and dangerous. Do not get near them and report the problem to CenterPoint.

Purchase a battery-power radio

Have a portable radio, TV or weather radio on hand to monitor official weather forecasts and other important information for your area.

Check on friends and neighbors

Consider checking with others who may benefit from your assistance.

Keep freezers and refrigerators closed

Don't open freezers and refrigerators any more than absolutely necessary. Opening these appliances will allow food to thaw more quickly.

Turn off appliances & electronics

Turn off as many appliances and electronics as possible. This will reduce the potential for damage or fire. After the power is restored, wait five to 10 minutes before turning them back on.


Report outages via text message

Now you can report a power outage via text message! If your power is out, simply text the word "OUT" to 83212.


What should I include in an emergency kit?


Include battery-powered items like a flashlight, radios, and a wind-up clock. Don't forget fresh batteries!

Food & Water

Include some canned foods that require no cooking, a manual can opener, and a few jugs of bottled water.

Wellness items

Be sure to include essential first aid supplies, medication and any other personal wellness items you regularly need.

How long will my food stay cold without power?

Help protect your food during a power outage by keeping your refrigerator and freezer doors closed as much as possible to maintain the cold temperature.

  • Refrigerators
    Your refrigerator should keep food safely cold for about four to six hours if it is unopened.
  • Freezers
    A full freezer should hold the temperature for approximately 48 hours if the door stays closed (about 24 hours if it is half full)
  • Learn more about food safety
    To learn more about keeping food safe during a power outage, visit the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service web site.
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