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Custom Programs


About custom incentives

High-efficiency equipment that falls outside the scope of our standard prescriptive offers may still be eligible for incentives. Whether you're installing lighting controls, upgrading air control systems or implementing other energy efficient technologies, incentives through our Custom Programs can help you offset up-front capital and reduce operating costs. See the program application (PDF) and applicable terms and conditions (PDF) for complete eligibility guidelines.

Natural gas custom projects

Examples of eligible projects include domestic water heating systems, outside air control, insulation, duct sealing, grain dryers, demand control ventilation, ozone laundries and window replacements. All CenterPoint Energy business customers with CenterPoint Energy natural gas service served under rates 120, 125, 220 and 225 qualify.

Gas fact sheet

Electric custom projects

Examples of eligible projects include refrigeration upgrades, outside air control, changes in air distribution/zoning, exterior lighting controls, custom lighting projects, advanced interior lighting controls and electric heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) projects. All CenterPoint Energy business customers with CenterPoint Energy electric service qualify. CenterPoint Energy customers who have elected to opt out of participating in CenterPoint Energy's energy efficiency programs are not eligible.

Electric fact sheet


How does the program work?

1. Pre-installation

Download and complete the rebate application. The program will review and provide preapproval if the project is eligible.

2. Installation

Once you have preapproval from the program, you can purchase equipment and begin work on the project.

3. Post-installation

After project completion, submit an itemized invoice and your final project documentation.

Qualifying for custom incentives

Custom projects need pre-approval prior to purchasing equipment for a project, so it's important to know you qualify before purchasing equipment. Read the complete eligibility guidelines by selecting the button below.

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